Saturday, February 16, 2008

Further Along the Drunkard's Path

Several years ago I designed a line of prints called Jazz Age for Telegraph Road Studio. The head designer at the company, Beth Bruske, taught me a lot and I am grateful to her. When the company asked me to do a small graphic Jazz Age piece to hang in the TRS booth at a trade show, I naturally turned to my favorite pattern Drunkard's Path for inspiration. However when they saw the piece, the general reaction was "Not that graphic!" *sigh*

Don't go looking on the web for TRS. Last summer it was folded back into its parent company David Textiles so it doesn't exist as a separate entity anymore. While Jazz Age was adored by a few, putting it mildly, it was not an across the board hot-to-trot success. But I loved every one of the deco-inspired prints and am proud to have gotten that many strange and wonderful prints into cloth. Jazz Age came in both a blue-n-orange colorway and a purple-n-green colorway.
When Quilter's World magazine asked me to design a wall hanging in Jazz Age, I couldn't help it and reverted to another classic curved block called String of Pearls. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out my little piece titled Jazz Lover was the magazine's cover for February 2007! I think that they did a great job of showcasing the wall hanging in a ritzy Art Deco office setting. My one--and only--cover quilt.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Pepper!

I like the reflection of the quilt in the glass table top - THAT's jazzy!
Congratulations on your cover quilt - looks great!


Sunbonnet Irene Sue