Friday, March 7, 2008

Alien Pizza Box and the Henry Report

Last week I really didn't cook much. One evening I stopped by Domino's and picked up a pizza for dinner. When I walked in with the big flat box wafting pepperoni fumes, Rod was ecstatic. So much for appreciation of home-cooked meals....

The next day I tore up the pizza box to go into the trash and there on the side was the strangest little row of symbols and words. Domino's has this slogan about delivering in 30 minutes or less and they take it to extremes evidently. If the pizza didn't get to the customer on time, I guess the driver has to fess up and check one of the boxes next to the appropriate symbol. Notice, second from the right, the word 'abduction' and the spaceship?

The Henry Report: Henry is my big yellow cat. He wears a collar complete with bell because he lives to hunt. Warned by the bell, the neighborhood birds at least have a split-second chance to escape his claws. He hates his collar! Now that it's getting warm, Henry is "on patrol" more than ever. Here he is crossing the ditch in back of our house, going to harass the neighbor's cat who had the audacity to cross His ditch and howl in His yard. Most nights in the spring, Henry comes in with mud from the ditch up to his hocks. He'll stroll in, black up to his belly, demand food, wolf it down, walk to the couch, casually hit only the high spots in an after-meal wash, and plop down for a snooze. When I go into bed, he usually follows me and jumps up on the foot of the bed. He washes again (only the important parts), stretches out, and starts to snore. He will also kick me and nip my leg if I should disturb His rest. Did I mention Henry was a male cat?

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Kat said...

That pizza box is great! Thanks for sharing it. And Henry stories are always appreciated in our household.