Monday, November 26, 2007

Rainy Monday-Goodbyes and Back to Work

We drove Julia to the train yesterday in Wilson NC and I got all weepy as I bid my niece goodbye. A senior at George Washington University in DC (majoring in marketing), over the Thanksgiving weekend she insisted she had to visit the beach. So, on Saturday we went walking seaside at the Atlantic Beach circle. Julia rolled up her jeans and waded into the surf but soon discovered it was incredibly cold! I'm back at the studio, trying to figure out this blog thing and do it without calling Julia for advice.

The other work at hand is shifting all my quilts and fabrics from one room of the studio to the other. Come January, I plan to open the largest room as The Quilt Studio, a center for intensive quilt instruction. The move is a large undertaking since it represents 35+ years accumulation of precious 'quilt stuff' and for the first time, I'm taking an inventory of both my collection of antique quilts plus quilts I've made. While a respectable number of my own pieces are completed quilts, there are also tons of quilt tops. Some people might, unkindly, call these UFOs (as in Unfinished Objects) but I consider them portable teaching samples and I'm sticking to that label. Next time someone questions your unfinished masterpieces, you are welcome to use the line too.

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