Sunday, October 1, 2017

Students Step Out

Sometimes the stars line up. Nothing else can explain all the cool pictures from students I've gotten recently. In classes I try to reassure students-"I don't care when/how it's finished but please send me a picture of whatever you make as a result of this class." Sometimes months/years pass before I see any pictures. But recently there's been a plethora of student pictures and they do my heart good. I swear these pics arrive just when I need them--a rainy day, a rote-work-all-day at the studio, or a "I haven't an idea what to do-" day. The picture comes in and bing! I can take my thumb out of my mouth and move. They have no idea how important these communications are.

Florida House by Beth Copeland. From a class called Plaids and Plains--2016 Houston Quilt Festival.

Danielle Pellitier's Math Quilt from a Two Block design class yonks ago in New Hampshire.

Vicki Fox's String Star quilt top--ten years old but now bordered and ready to quilt!

Ellen Ault's Sea Foam quilt from a Big Hexie class two years ago.

Julia Renken's orange Two Block quilt from a class ten years ago.

Michelle Owens' Drunkard's Path quilt from (I think) a class in Vermont five years ago.

There are more pictures but for now, please enjoy these. This is why I teach.