Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Gotta be the Full Moon

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Just busy writing other things such as magazine articles and blogs. I've taken on writing a company blog for The Colonial Needle Company and that's been fun. Plus managing their Facebook page.

This weekend we have a full moon and things can get a little hinky (strange) around here. It's turning colder by the minute and the weatherman is babbling about coastal North Carolina!

Rather than toot my own horn this time, I thought some pictures of students' work would be fun. My apologies if I don't have the right attributions. Sometimes pictures are sent to me years later (No! A quilter who takes her time finish things?!) and it's difficult to put names and faces together. If one of these is your quilt, feel free to comment and set the record straight. This one was labeled DPAKstudent Maybe this means the work of someone from a Drunkard's Path class I gave in Alaska? In any case, it's a great eye-catching combination of black.white/and brights--sweet!

Here's a happy camper at work in class--Ellen Fox from South Carolina designing her elegant take on the Two Blocks are Better Than One class sample. Working on a white flannel vertical design surface is the best way, I think, to see what your piece will look like before you get to sewing. It gives you the opportunity to change your mind and move pieces around.
Just pin-pin-pin.

Isn't this a beauty? I would have been proud to have made this quilt!  Loretta made this piece in the Swartz Creek Scrap Quilt class. Love the interesting black and gray leaf print.