Saturday, September 25, 2010

This 'n That, Family Pictures, Kitty Update etc.

Earlier this summer my brother Chris and I decided to swap some family artifacts. For some reason, I'd ended up with an ancient wooden panel, a relic from a Coptic church that my parents found in Cairo when Dad was attached to the American embassy there. The panel is likely several hundred years old. Their Egyptian stay was even before I was born in 1951 so the only reason I can fathom I was given the panel is because Mom thought I'd like the design since it was semi-quilty. She was of course right but in the years since all I'd done was keep it safe and dream I'd one day make a table or headboard.

On the other hand, my brother Chris who lives in Houston had incorporated many family Egyptian artifacts into his household furnishings. Honestly, the Coptic panel needed to go to him. Chris and his wife Catherine just finished a massive house remodeling effort and now a beautiful two-story stone fireplace graces their largest room. The mantel was the perfect setting for the panel.

As a trade, Chris sent me the family rocking chair. The parents bought this while living in Germany--I was a tot then. It was made by woodworkers living in displaced persons camps. The camps were still in existence even 7-8 years after World War II as much German civilian housing was destroyed and hadn't yet been rebuilt. Now I have a comfy quilting rocking chair and Chris and Catherine have unique artwork above their fireplace.

While in Houston I quilted of course and Josie's kitty Athena decided to put the paw print of approval on my work.

Meanwhile, back at home, our cats Earl Grey and Gipsy form a small pride and guard our yard well. 

And it's a warm September here and alien flowers are sprouting around the yard.