Friday, December 31, 2010

First Annual Purge Your Purse Day (December 31 2010)

 I can't believe that it's been over three long months since writing on this blog. My apologies to any interested readers. You've probably long ago wandered off in search of more current reading material. But starting today, the last day of 2010, I will be a more faithful blog writer. Truth is since the advent (or onslaught) of Facebook, I've found it easier to pop up FB tidbits. Seems a lot of my 1000+ Friends have too. I started writing this blog 2007 Thanksgiving weekend so you'd think I'd have gotten in the habit. Even though my thoughts today aren't world-class musings, I'm proposing that December 31st become Purge Your Purse Day.

Purge Your Purse makes a small bow to the organization bug that seems to bite us every January as we buy new calendars, file receipts, and sometimes make New Years resolutions. The purse most of us carry around is where our life is: our wallet (ID), credit cards and checkbooks (lifeline), make-up, gum, drugs. Just ask any female for an aspirin and she'll say, "I know I've got it here somewhere-" as she bends down to paw through her bag. Amazing. Occasionally while teaching I've gotten a headache and all I need to do is mention it and here come the offers--Excedrin, Aleve, Tylenol, and then the really good stuff--Tylenol with codeine,  Percoset, Oxycontin, whoooee!

Now that the purse is taken care of, my next question: what should I do with all those tote bags? Since I attend a lot of quilt shows where they give out totes as part of the registration goodies, I have tote bags dating back into the 1980s. Most are canvas, a few vinyl, and lately the nicest are poly-coated recycled fiber. Any suggestions?

What am I working on right now? A small charm-style quilt in the Apple Core pattern, hand quilted in Big Stitch, my favorite.

And trying, like my friend Earl Grey, to stay warm. Have a happy and safe New Year.