Saturday, August 11, 2018

That Blue and Its Friends-New Peppered Cotton Colors!

The name of this print is At Close of Day and was first done as an oil painting by the American artist Maxfield Parrish and then reproduced in a calendar for Brown & Bigelow, a publishing company from Minneapolis. It perfectly captures the shades of blue Parrish often used in his work. I am a sucker for Parrish blue. In this round of Peppered Cottons, we made a blue+purple combination that could have stepped right out of this painting.

Meet Parrish Blue (No. 67), a shot cotton composed of a strong cornflower blue plus purple. Perfect for all your dawns and twilights! The reason Parrish achieved such glowing shades of blue was that he first painted the complete canvas in glowing blue pigment and then started adding all other details. No other artist has done blue with quite the same depth.

We also added a new grey--though this grey looks quite a bit more textured than our other greys. Called Tweed (No. 37) it is a straight-up combination weave of darkest black and whitest white.

This is a shade I've wanted for a long time. The character of this grey is subtle but sophisticated.

Just when you think there can't be any more shades of grey....

The shade to the right is Miami (No. 58), a playful combination of bright pink and bright aqua that reflects the beautiful Art Deco neon signs of downtown Miami.

(the Miami art is by Eduardo Kranjcec)

While we're doing retro, how about a nod to the atomic '50s--here's Atomic Tangerine (No.69) a shrimpy cross-weave of bright pink and yellow.

This color was daring even in the '50's. I wouldn't refuse a spin in this '57 Thunderbird!

And in the '60s my first prom dress (more demure even than the gown pictured here) was Atomic Tangerine--though the label said 'Princess Coral.'

Did you know that the #1 favorite ice cream flavor is, still, after all these years,

But there's nothing boring about Vanilla (No. 46), a combination of white and a warm tan.

While we're talking ice cream, here's Lemon Ice (No. 24) a shade that's subtle and way too cool!

Lemon Ice combines white and a sharp citrus yellow. Looks great with any shade of grey or blue by the way.

Our customers had been telling, "We need more pinks!" so in response to their requests, two of the new Peppered Cottons are lovely pinks. Meet Carnation (No.59) and her darker cousin, Cinnamon Pink (No.65). Carnation is a white/sweet pink combo.

Did you know that in the Victorian language of flowers a pink carnation symbolized gratitude? 

Right about now's a good time to say 'thank you' to everyone who buys and uses Peppered Cottons!
 Cinnamon Pink is a combination of two shades : sharp fuchsia pink and deep red.

Bluebell (No. 17) is a true chambray--a strong blue mixed with white--every cowboy's work shirt.

OK, now concentrate: some cowboys wear the color better than others- 

To round out the ten new colors, here's Sage (No.72), a muted two-tone of soft greens. Beautiful for complimenting 1930s repro prints or any kind of appliqued stems and leaves.

Or another cowboy shirt.