Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Poo-bah Says

Okay--the last time that Pantone, the grand-poobah of color trends, predicted a two-fer of baby pink/sky blue as the colors of the year (2016)  the less than lovely combo became the butt of bloggers' jokes. 

Today Pantone came out with another double-header but this time, I think, they've come much closer to a trend that many people will actually like. Pantone says that Illuminating 13-0647  (a lighter yellow with citrus undertones) and Ultimate Grey 17-5104 (medium grey) are its choices for color(s) of the year 2021.

Pantone cites research that yellow is almost always described as a 'cheerful color' and that grey represents resilience. Lord know we need both of those in the coming year!

Funny thing, I was hoping that in 2021 we'd be able to rework our 1941/1970 kitchen. The same since we bought the house 20+ years ago--white spattered linoleum, painted white cabinets down and cheap wood cabinets up. In hopes of the rework, I'd been perusing and pinning pictures of retro kitchens in a yellow and grey color scheme.

This 1959 Admiral kitchen featuring yellow cabinets, a chessboard floor, and a lady in heels doing the dishes--cheerfully.

The addition of red here makes all that yellow just sing (but I'm sure Rod would veto the red). Can't help but wonder how Hopper was able to get the drone to snap this one. Lonely little toaster!

This 1959 retro beauty would be fine with a modern dishwasher added. Thinking though that there's a lot of mopping under cabinets I might want to avoid. 

Heck, I could move right in to this one since I have all the matching anodized aluminum barware already!

Okay Pantone, you picked an excellent combo for Color of the Year 2021 this time. Good thing that Peppered Cottons has you covered!

Lemon Ice #24 is a lovely yellow.


As far as greys go, take your pick. 

                                                                                                      Fog 47

Granite 10

                                                         Tweed 37

and Aluminum 60.