Thursday, November 5, 2020

Some Quilts Gone to Other People


I've certainly made enough quilts for myself but some that bring me the greatest joy are ones that now belong to other people. I no longer sell my own work. It's just too tedious to explain the pricing: "This quilt has $300 worth of material in it-" or "My estimate is 250 hours of work-." I'm always feeling defensive and justifying what I charge. Thus, no more selling for me. Now I give away my quilts.

The people who get them are generally friends and family. I give these quilts away with a happy heart. For weddings, to comfort when the recipient's sick, or as a thank-you for some kindness. I used to have a store and sold both new and old quilts, plus fabric and sewing notions. Even 30 years ago, I had to defend my prices. Having stepped back from the question of what my quilt is worth, I find I breathe easier. 

                    'Star to the 4th Power.'

A Log Cabin variation in autumnal shades.

Little crazy quilt for a charity auction.

Blue crazy quilt (only half bound) photographed in the tile floor hall of my old studio.

A queen-size Log Cabin with pink and brown prints from the line I did for Michael Miller called 'Carolina Heirloom Roses.'

If Parrots Designed Quilts (probably the busiest quilt I've ever made)

A horizontal version of Chinese Coins

The 'Big Ass Sampler' in which our clan tartan features prominently. 

Of course the quilt has to pass the feline paw of approval.