Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Stitch News

Big Stitch quilting is getting very popular now. That's hand quilting, but done in a relaxed style, using thicker thread and a larger needle. The stitches can be almost 1/4" long...very cool. It's a great way to get started in hand quilting or simply to have a relaxing handwork project. The Blue Bamboo Bunny is a small Big Stitch wall hanging in a traditional indigo and white color scheme.

The next Big Stitch class is Tuesday December 2. We're meeting for lunch before class at 11:30 AM at a local eatery near the Morehead City port. Here's the restaurant's website: and the lunch menu is on the left. Then we'll be heading to The Quilted Butterfly (just west of WalMart) and hold class from 1-4'ish in their large back room.

We already have sseven people signed up and can take up to three (3) more. The cost for the class is $30. Please email me if you'd like to take the class: . I'll provide a patchwork block, needle, and thread but here's what you need to bring:

*If you have a favorite thimble, bring it. *Also a thread nipper or small pair of scissors. *If you like to sew with an Ott light, bring it. *Another suggestion: a comfy pillow to sit on as you do handwork. *One 14" pre-washed (soft without finish) square of muslin. Hopefully I'll also be able to provide the batting square (I've ordered it-).

We'll be able to provide you with a thimble to use and if you like, purchase. I provide (within the $30 cost of the class) a needle, sample thread, and an already-sewn patchwork block. I will have a stencil you can mark a design with and purchase if you like. Plus Patti's got lots of stencils and many colors of the #8 perle cotton we'll be using in class.

Friday, November 21, 2008


At last, back on the blog. Due to something hinky with the platform of Google's Blogspot, it wouldn't let me post photos. And since quilters are totally visual and won't "read" without pictures, from October 6 till today, I was dead in the water. Enough of this! If Blogspot gets strange again, I'm going to Word Press to host this blog. Fair warning.
There, I feel better here's a very cool quilt for today's eye candy. I bought it from a dealer who found it in a house sale on the south side of Chicago. Fortunately, the dealer thought the quilt was worthwhile enough to save--she said it was incredibly cruddy--and she washed it. Whew! After surviving a spin in the Maytag, only a very few seams popped. This amazing exploding star quilt is made primarily from cottons with a fair sprinkling of 30s and 40s rayon prints. I am in awe of the person who drafted and made this quilt.