Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tai Chi , Trucks, and a Quilt

I used to take Tai Chi lessons and am still friends with my instructor Juanita. We both pulled up to the grocery store one day and started to compare our Toyota trucks. Mine's a 20-year old basic manual pick-up while hers is 5-speed, an extended cab, and five years younger. I said to her, "If you ever want to sell that truck, give me a call!" and two weeks ago, she did.

Juanita and her husband Mike were moving to Portland, OR and needed to unload Buck (the truck) quickly. A test drive later, Buck was mine! Now I could sell my older vehicle (named Pearl) and luxuriate in the leg room of an extended cab, intermittent wipers, a radio, and a cup-holder! I am in heaven. Pearl went to another good home quickly thanks to our friend Mike who's a sort of yenta for all things mechanical.

Here's Juanita holding the quilt I made for her. It has minimal quilting, no batting, and is lined with velvet. She reported it was the absolute best for sleeping and snuggling and her cat Freddie loved it. Ah, the paw print of approval! 

Next job is repainting the old truck cab before it gets fitted to Buck and transferring the vanity license plate.