Monday, October 6, 2008

Utterly distracted-Meet Rylee Elisabeth-the winner is...

Thanks to all readers who commented on the jelly roll thing last week. The deadline for comments was October 1 but on that date, I was totally distracted. My niece Becca (Rebecca) Brown was having a tough time of it at the hospital in Lexington, KY as she delivered her first baby. Here's Becca and her husband Rob on their wedding day-isn't she beautiful? And here's my new great-niece Rylee Elisabeth Brown as she lays in ICU.

For the last two months of her pregnancy, Becca was told to rest since she had a tendency to start contractions. But when she finally went into the hospital September 30, the baby decided to be stubborn. Eventually on Wednesday morning, they decided on a cesarean delivery. Rylee had some jaundice and low blood sugar, thus the ICU stay. Hopefully mama and baby are going home today-whew!

About the jelly role comments: I printed them out and cut the names apart with scissors and then drew them from a hat. Drum roll please: the winner is Janet who commented on September 23 with these words: "I've never bought a jelly roll-but if I did get one I would want one that when put together looked primitive-browns, greens, blues, dark reds etc." Your wish is my command! Ms. Janet,please email me at this address to reconfirm your jelly roll preferences and send along your snail mail address.

The final tally on the jelly roll debate was 36 comments (didn't count the repeats or those who just wrote to say 'hi') and the breakdown follows: 14 of you loved jelly rolls. You buy 'em and use 'em. However, the nays do have it: 22 of you were thumbs down. Reasons given ranged from, "I like to wash my fabric-", "They're too expensive-" to the downright ornery-" I don't want anyone else choosing my fabrics!"

And I learned a lesson contest I keep count as the comments come in and don't wait a day past the deadline. Many thanks.