Sunday, July 5, 2020

Oh wow! Look at the colors!

While the title of this blog post was a tag line in my youth (and denoted you'd recently dabbled in a mind-blowing psychedelic), as a sane and sober 60-something, I still utter the same line. But it might not be about super-bright flashing colors. Not this time.

But "Oh Wow! Look at the colors!" was exactly what I said when my sample bolts of new Peppered Cottons landed on my doorstep a week ago. And then today, a box from my friend Sandi Irish included the sample quilt made from those colors and I fell in love all over again.

This selection of new colors not only plugs some holes in the Peppered Cottons palette (we really needed a gold-) but also expands the quieter side of the line. I've chosen Mid-Century lamps (a passion of mine) to help explain the colors.

OK-Merlot #53 is a very rich deep brown-tinged red. Yes, just like the wine. It seems right that the color is encased in Murano glass.

And #68 Key Lime is a calm yellow green. This lamp is by the Italian firm Stillnova.

We needed an orange-kissed red and we got it! Meet #70 Tomato. Modeled by one of my favorite chalkware lamps, the African lady who carries the most astounding shade on her head.


When it came to #27 Gingko Gold, there were many choices but this anodized aluminum Danish pendant lamp was the favorite.

While there are two tones of blue in this lamp, the shade, as in #61 Tide Pool blue, grabs my attention.


Another blue but this one is between denim and grey. An industrial
pendant light models #87 Storm Cloud well.

The subtle color of unbleached linen is always a favorite since it goes with every other color.  Here's #7 Flax in a table lamp by Alladin.

This bold design just springs out at you. It is the famous Praying Mantis floor lamp by the French firm Rispal. It uses walnut wood----#33 Walnut as it's named on the Peppered Cottons color card.

This next one makes me laugh--there must have been a million versions of this prowling panther TV lamp in the '50s. But here it makes a nice stand-in for #18 Milk Chocolate.

Finally, when you think there can't be another shade of grey we haven't seen in fabric, meet #10 Granite, a deep grey with blue undertones.


Here's the new Peppered Cottons as a group. They're now up on the StudioE website, tucked in with all the other Peppered Cottons. Go here to see them all together Peppered Cottons .

I designed a small quilt using the ten new colors plus #09 White Sugar. It's name is Nine Patch Swing. My friend Sandi Irish sewed and quilted the quilt this Spring.

The directions for the quilt are on the StudioE website and they're free! Click here for  Nine Patch Swing Directions .