Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Working Cats

OK, maybe the title is misleading. 'Working' is defined here as being good foot warmers, bookends, and quilt testers! The pet population at our house is steady at 2 and 1/2 cats. The two are Henry, a large ginger male who is the pin-up cat on and Miz Bamboo. Here's Boo sitting on my truck.

The 1/2 is Callie, a formerly completely feral cat who lives under our boat but allows us to feed her. Sorry no picture yet-she's very shy! Last fall Callie presented us with four calico (all female) kittens and moved under our neighor's house where the kittens proceeded to tear up the insulation. A wonderful organization, the Beaufort Cat Project, helped us deal with the wild family. They came and trapped (over the course of a week) all four kittens and eventually Mama Callie. Everybody got shots and Callie was spayed. While Callie came back to us, all four kittens found good homes. The people at Beaufort Cats were great and here's their website .


Gold Star Gal said...

Thank you for helping with the feral cat population -- only very special people do that!

Love your "diary" -- call it whatever you like.

Look forward to vising the new studio.

Judy Heyward said...

They say it's GOOD for the brain to do new things, Pepper. I know that you probably have more than caught on about the blog process. I think it's a great, casual way to share your thoughts as you amble (or race) through your daily endeavors. Keep up the good work.

Janet said...

Way to go Pepper; you will enjoy having a blog. I have had one attached to my website for a while now and just recently set up a second one - now to discipline myself to post more regularly. Am also very impressed with your website and have just browsed through it.
Love your furry quilt testers too!!

Christine Thresh said...

We have three and a half cats. Aucuba (our 15-year-old), Blackie, Feather, and Getoutahere. Getoutahere is a feral cat and seems to be deaf. We stopped yelling at him. He sneaks in every day for food.