Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Niece News

I am so lucky! Although I didn't have kids of my own, the family gene pool is safe--I have ten, count 'em, nieces and nephews. As the kids get older, they make contact with me and I can be an adult--who's not a parent--who can communicate/commiserate with them. I treasure these relationships.

My older brother Scott and his wife, Amy, have two girls, Heather and Bethany. Beth was mentioned in this blog a couple of weeks ago with her graduation news and now her older sister Heather (blog envy?) has sent along this announcement. Since she is a devoted scrap-booker, Heather designed her own digital announcement.

Heather plans to be moving to Portland, Oregon and I hope to see her next month when attending the Spring Quilt Market in Portland. She will shortly be looking for an apartment and a job in Portland but she's already found true love...first things first!

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