Monday, April 6, 2009

After Effects of Aprils Fools

This is not quilt-related but then again, sometimes I don't quilt 24/7. Time out for jocularity.

When I'm in town, I try to go to my local Curves three times a week. Curves, if you don't know, is a women-only exercise franchise. Lisa, the owner of the Beaufort NC Curves, is a former teacher and had the place painted with wide swathes of blackboard paint so she could leave chalked messages for us to read as we exercised.

As an ADD person, I could only stand the blackboard messages so long. One day I found Lisa's basket with chalks in it and quickly sketched a cartoon featuring a pudgy cat. On March 31, I drew an April Fools cartoon and it's gotten a lot of reaction. The cartoon featured Ms. Phat Cat as a ballerina. The caption said: "Announcement! As of April 1, Curves has a uniform requirement! *Hat *Gloves *Tutu. Also, Members must go en pointe between machines."

Lisa got into the spirit and turned up April 2 in the correct garb. Nice try with the tennis shoes and who have thought she actually had a tutu at home? Isn't she cute?

There's simply no other place I might put this picture but now I can confess I have known a few strange Hill Billy Ballerina aka Mike Galyon in drag.

Mike's our former neighbor and is a great one for sight gags.
He left off his prize beany with the propeller on top and the snaggly teeth he always wears for holiday dinners because he didn't want this disguise to be too over-the-top. Restraint and good taste in the same package-hard to come by!


Anonymous said...

Beaufort, NC is way too far to travel to go to Curves - you guys have WAY too much fun!

Vicki Lane said...

My life would have been the poorer had I not seen the picture of the Hillbilly Ballerina -- restraint and good taste and grace in one lovely package.

Pepper Cory said...

I know--he's quite the the catch! Mike just got married Valentine's Day so he's out of the running--sorry, girls!