Thursday, May 7, 2009

For Mother's and Father's Days

Finding old family photos is always bittersweet. But my sister sent me this one and it's a keeper. It's my Mom and Dad, obviously head over heels in love. The picture was taken in 1941, likely on their honeymoon. After Pearl Harbor, pilots were seldom allowed leave but Dad got Christmas Day and so that's when they got hitched. Eleven months later, he'd leave for North Africa, leading the first B-26 squadron across the Atlantic, and my brother Scott would be born on the day he left.

Mom is Mary Elizabeth (Mary Lib) and Dad is Joseph Scott (Joe when younger and Scott later in life) Peddie. Love the peep-toe shoes.

After a career in the Air Force, Dad decided to hang up his wings and try for a halo. Upon retirement he went to seminary in Lexington, KY and was ordained an Episcopal priest. Always in uniform! This picture is the whole fam-damily together, taken around 1965.
Left to right front row: Mary Frances (Sissy), me, Elisabeth Anne (Lili), Christopher Jon (Chris). left to right back row: Scott Garrett, Mom, and Dad (in new uniform).

This posting has nothing whatever to do with quilts. Just a reminder to love your Mom and Dad while you have them. Happy Mother's Day.


Robin said...

Lovely lovely pictures. What a beautiful young lady you were and that thankfully hasn't changed.

Jean Baardsen said...

I love looking at old photos - these are great!

Minka's Studio said...

Great snapshots!

Vicki Lane said...

Wonderful pictures, Pepper! I have some very similar ones of my parents who were married in November of '41.

Hi! I'm Lisa said...

I think of your dad every time I look at my quilt "Miss You Pepper" made from antique blocks from your studio sale. Complete with transportation fabric on the back, I remember how fondly you spoke of your dad the pilot. Lisa