Friday, March 21, 2008

Beach baby, beach baby, give me your hand, give me something that I can remember...

What's got seven bedrooms, five baths, a swimming pool, hot tub, a Jacuzzi, a flat screen TV that rivals a bed in size, an outside barbecue, and even an elevator for its three floors? It's the Boat House in Emerald Isle, NC, and it's gonna be filled to the rafters with quilters next weekend! It's time for the Quilters Beach Party again!

Unique in that only hand sewing techniques are taught, the Quilters Beach Party is going strong for the fourth year and next year's dates, in case you're interested, are March 22-29, 2009. Put it on your calendar now! Left-the view from the great room where the classes are held--not bad!

Partiers don't have to bring anything, repeat, anything, in the way of materials or lug a sewing machine. Everything is provided. This year the theme is Japanese quilting and sewing techniques and we're doing sashiko (Japanese big stitch quilting pictured here on the right), easy clamshell applique, blueprinting (also called sun printing) on fabric, origami patchwork, temari ornaments, and more.

Thursday March 27 the festivities begin with a gourmet pizza party, followed by the ceremonial serving of personalized ice cream sundaes made by moi. My very first real money-paying job was as a soda jerk and I need to stay in practice! Topping off the evening's entertainment, there's a quilt-theme movie with popcorn, followed by beddie-bye with the gentle noise of the ocean waves to lull you to sleep....

Did I mention there's a masseuse on tap? More anon..go to and click on events for all the particulars.

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