Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sometimes Ya Gotta Crow

I remember at summer camp, the assembled campers would sing: "Announcements, announcements, annow-ow-n-sments! A terrible death to die, a terrible death to die, a terrible death to be talked to death-a terrible death to die! Announcements, announcements, annow-ow-n-sments!"
Jules and Zoomer (my neighbor Mike Galyon's kitty) at Thanksgiving

This is a family announcement: my niece Julia Elizabeth Marshall, has been accepted in the Teach for America program. After her graduation from George Washington U in DC this spring, she will head to Houston, Texas for training. By September 08, she'll be teaching secondary math in either Mississippi or Arkansas. I will shortly call on all my quilter friends in those two states to be on the watch for my niece and to offer her Southern hospitality when possible!

There's a huge miracle here: not that Julia will graduate (likely with honors) or that Julia will teach. It's that Julia, an actual blood relation to me, will teach MATH!


Anonymous said...

For more information about TFA, go here:

Anonymous said...

My, my - she is so smart and beautiful! She takes after all the great women in your family.