Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busting Buttons-again!

Another graduating niece has checked in! This time it came in the form of a graduation announcement from Eastern Michigan University. "Bethany Alexandra Peddie is a candidate for the degree Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude in Women's Studies...." Way to go Bethie!

My niece is proudly continuing a long family tradition of getting excellent grades but obtaining a college degree in a fairly obscure field. My own degree is Classical Studies (Greek, Latin, ancient history etc.) This leaves one completely free to pursue any path in life. So, dear Beth, adventure awaits you.

The above picture (taken down from the household bulletin board--the front of the refrigerator where the family gallery hangs) shows Beth in her high school graduation diva pose. On the other hand, her Face Book pic is much more current. Mighty big Margarita there.....

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Anonymous said...


This made me smile.
Yay Bethie!

(and one of these days, I might get my own graduation announcements out there)

- Heather