Friday, May 30, 2008

Getting excited about the Quilt Flap

Oh boy, the Quilt Flap's coming! Three weeks from tomorrow we're going to be neck-deep in old quilts. Lynn Gorges and I cooked up this idea of a glorified show-n-tell session-now called the Quilt Flap-to get folks around here to respect and save their old quilts. We'd seen one too many quilts consigned to the dog's bed and thought it was time to educate any willing members of the quilt-owning public.

Lynn once rescued a real early 19th century palampore quilt from the walls of the Shriners' auditorium in New Bern, NC, where it had been nailed up (!) to cover the doors of the restrooms. That is one lucky quilt. It now resides in acid-free splendor as the crown jewel of Lynn's not-inconsiderable collection of pre-Civil War North Carolina quilts. The tulip-y quilt in the picture is Lynn's as well.

Janice Pope from Cary NC, who has the patience of a saint when it comes to restoring and repairing old quilts, will share her wisdom. When do you repair an old quilt and when do you simply leave it alone? Janice will help people diagnose and prescribe treatment for Granny's treasure.

I'll run around and show my cheddar NC quilts. This is part of my life-long campaign to get golden-orange adopted as the favorite quilt color. It's obviously been working because in the past couple of years, modern quilters and art quilters are taking to orange in a big way. OK, I cheated-that's my own Basket quilt in the picture.....

Your invitation to the Quilt Flap is posted in the right sidebar-put it on your calendar and come.

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