Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Will Martha please sit down?

I don't exactly know how but somehow I wandered onto Martha Stewart's blog. Some quilt images caught my eye so I clicked on them. These photos were taken at the huge American Antiques show last week in NYC and of course, Ms. Stewart was there to lend support. Okey, dokey, here's the press snapping away at Martha as she smiles beautifully. I know, her coat "matches" the quilt....

Another picture showed a wooden thing situated against a bright cheddar, red, green, and white quilt. I think the quilt pattern's called New York Beauty. Her comment follows, " The tassle of carved wood is a pleasing detail." Oooooh, the quilt, tell us about the quilt!

Finally here's a Baltimore-esque applique quilt that Ms. Stewart calls 'her favorite.' Down in front, please ma'am--I wanna see the flowers!

Nothing against Ms. Stewart (her recipes are right on the money) but how long do you think before this beauty (the quilt) appears on mugs, placmats, and other tasteful home accessories. K-Mart will be thrilled!

My mother was astonished that I didn't subscribe to Martha Stewart's magazine as soon as it became available. She even scolded me for not being a Martha devotee but honestly, I could never measure up.

This is the vase, usually filled with dead flowers, that hangs on a cabinet in my kitchen.
Nuff said.


karenfae said...

LOL - I'm afraid none of us can live up to Martha who believes she is the best at all. I don't buy her magazine either.

Carol Sc said...

I'm on the same page --- "down in front!!" ...and I love the "no Martha here" in your kitchen". She would faint dead away, upon passing through my threshold!

Pepper Cory said...

Re:the photos: Thank you to Tracy Jamar, textile restoration specialist from New York who gave more info. The "A" quilt is a Gees Bend quilt and from (what a great site) and the applique beauty is from Stella Rubin whose site makes me weak at the knees. What a wonderful way to waste an hour.

Angie Bailey said...

I love it! I don't get the whole Martha fascination... She was blocking some very nice quilts :)
Thanks for the comment on my blog - I added yours to my Reader :)

Carole said...

Hum... as least you have fresh flowers in that vase! ;o)

I do like her Living magazine. The pictures are just so pretty. I want a garden like the ones she photographs. It would just be nice to be able to walk peacefully amongst the flowers etc.. but.... sigh! DH still mows! lol

As for the quits, let's just hope it the pattern will not be massed produced so that non quilters can have one just like it on their beds!