Friday, February 6, 2009

Headed South

This weekend I'm going to Venice FL to teach at a quilters retreat. Hopefully the weather will be a good deal warmer than here! Last night the furnace kept coming on and there's nada humidity in the air. Good for drying clothes on the line but hard on your skin and hair. Both cats are shying away from being petted since a static touch produces a little "zap!"

The Venice group chose one of my 'sweet potato ' quilts as their retreat project. (The sweet potato quilts are my collection of orange and gold color quilts.) The group has three days to work on it and we'll go from design to quilting and binding.
Easy String Star is based on a vintage quilt from Georgia picture (the brown and gold picture) and is foundation-pieced in big (18") blocks. Here's also a small piece I made (yellow and gray) in tribute.
Both are fan-quilted in black thread, a very down-home way to quilt your quilt.
Inspired by the upcoming Florida class, I made another String Star quilt in modern black and white plus favorite colors. Seems everyone's been collecting black and white prints in anticipation of one day making a quilt in that color scheme. I found it easy to do (no angst about choosing) and finished the large piece (72" x 90") in less than a week of intermittent work. Guess it's not a 'sweet potato' quilt any more!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I just have a small humidifier but I have found it really helps the one room that I keep it in for winter time with the heat on. I keep it in the bedroom and my sinuses don't dry out so much.

sewprimitive karen said...

That's really a nice old Georgia quilt.