Friday, May 4, 2018

All Sorts

As soon as I saw the fabric line called Licorice Candy from StudioE Fabrics, I knew it was something special. And as is often the case with my left-of-center choices, the line was not wildly popular with quilt stores. Licorice Candy came out last Fall and has been all shipped to stores--although there may be a bit left in the warehouse or floating around on ebay or Amazon. But I only was able to get a little bit of each of the fabrics. Most of the samples I sorted right away into their color bins--the yellow and turquoise for instance went straight to their respective tubs stowed away on the Great Wall of Fabric. 

I knew there was a quilt waiting to happen in the Art Deco-inspired geometric print and the widely-spaced floating posies of Licorice Candy. These two prints remained in view in the studio as I didn't want to lose them in the general chaos. And I made a drawing of an old familiar quilt pattern using Drunkard's Path blocks, my favorite quilt block since the 1980s. 

These two prints from the Licorice Candy line have no special names other than 3353-09 and 3353-91. In my mind I called them 'all sorts' prints since they reminded me of the classic British candy by that name. 

All Sorts candy was supposedly invented in 1899 by a clumsy salesman named Charlie Thompson who worked for Basset's Candy Company. Charlie tripped when he was showing a tray of separate licorice candies to a potential customer and the resulting colorful mess delighted the customer who ordered the 'all sorts' mixture. Whatever the quilt I made was going to be, its name would be All Sorts.

The working drawing was on graph paper but informal. It's the way I usually plan my quilts. You realize that in letting you see this drawing, I am revealing that I don't plot out my quilts down to the details nor that I am even very precise. I like the idea that I might change my mind at any time. In the meantime, my friend Mary Frankle was a good sport and cut out pieces, stacking them on paper plates.

Here was the teaser picture I put up on Facebook a couple of days ago. Just two of the blocks side by side.

Little did the FB friends who commented know that the blocks would shortly be joined by seven other blocks and not all would show the same background print. After all, I had only 1 1/4 yard of each print and this was looking to be a queen-size quilt.

Meet All Sorts, a queen-size quilt top that we could only photograph by clipping it to the side of Rod's shed in the back yard.

The individual blocks are large (24" square) and the border adds another 12". It's a whopping 84" square.

Have no idea exactly how I'll quilt it right now. A combination of hand and machine work is likely. The backing will be the same charcoal grey but the binding will be eye-popping purple.

Feeling quite pleased with myself today.