Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wedding Bells

My lovely niece Sarah Glass just got hitched last weekend to her true love Mike. I expect to hear more about the wedding soon but there was one detail I loved: very thoughtfully, Sarah insisted the groom's cake should take front-n-center at the reception. The cake was a big hit since it was baked in the shape of Mike's beloved Nascar favorite! If I get pictures of the Nascar cake, I will be sure to post them.

In the meantime, here's Sarah in all her glory on her wedding day. Isn't she beautiful?

To keep some quilt content in this blog, I'm throwing in a picture of a quilt I made using two different quilt blocks. The star block is Light of Lisbon but the rounded block is called Bride's Brilliant and yes, the piecing seams are exactly like the top (table side) of the traditional brilliant-cut diamond. Speaking of having a pattern right at hand! If you're married, stick your ring finger under a magnifying glass and you 'll see those "seams" atop your own engagement ring.


Anonymous said...

Pepper, I'd like to piece that Bride's Brilliant block....just got my first diamond from my hubby for our 30th wedding anniversary.
Is the block in one of your books?
In Stitches,
Buckeye Bev

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt, Pepper.
The colors are spectacular.

Penny Prichard said...

After seeing your recent Fb post with the Light of Lisbon block I tried to find the pattern online - instead I found this lovely blog posting.

The quilt is wonderful - love the way you played with the light in it. Gorgeous piece.