Saturday, December 20, 2008

As the magical time approaches

Everybody's occupied with Christmas shopping and celebrations and the phone hasn't been ringing. The silence has been a blessing! This weekend I'm blissfully sewing new samples for upcoming classes.

Beginning in January, I'll offer two sessions (take your choice of Tuesday or Thursday afternoons) in Beginning Quiltmaking. Last year's newbies were a great bunch and here's one happy camper with her quilt. I hear that Madeline McCabe has gotten this beauty done in time to give to her son this Christmas-congratulations! Madeline hand-quilted her quilt using perle cotton in the Big Stitch style.

Here's the link to my website and you click on it for upcoming class information particulars. .

The house is also getting it's holiday spiff on and even the dark under-beds are getting cleaned out. Bamboo, the elderly lady cat who lives with us, loves cleaning. She adores dust bunnies made mostly of her own fur and carries them off to play with them. I find the dust bunnies lurking in corners where Boo's stashed them along with her other "toys"--an acorn and one of my dirty socks. You'd think from her choice of playthings that Boo was a deprived cat. But no, she's always turned her nose up at catnip mice and preferred to find her own amusement. She does look rather queenly in this photo!


Shasta Matova said...

Merry Christmas Pepper. I hope all your holidays are happy.

Pepper Cory said...

And Merry Christmas to you too.

cadh 8 said...

I enjoy seeing your cats in your work space...I was reading your August post about the cats testing your quilts out. My very dear Beagle Duke used to do the same for me...often he would lay on one end while I sewed on the other. He passed away this year and my quilts have not been the same. But he has many featured pics with my quilts on my blog. :)

Cindy said...

Hi, I signed up for your 'Scrap Quilting, waste not want not' lessons on Craftsy and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how you teach. Your voice is just awesome and you are the best teacher ever !! Was just wondering if you have ever thought about doing another on for Craftsy. I would love it if you could/would teach one on using stencils and transferring them to the quilt top, etc. I would surely sign up for it. By the way, I live in NC too and wish I lived near the beach.