Monday, May 18, 2020

BIG News! Five More Colors of Peppered Cottons in Wide Backs!

Although StudioE and I discussed more colors in the 108" size Peppered Cottons, I didn't think these new fabrics would be possible until late 2020 due to the global slowdown from the Covid-19 virus. But, happy days, it seems the new 108s couldn't wait...I am ecstatic to announce new colors of Peppered Cottons 108" width will be here in July! Stores can order them now and get them in their shops by August.

There are five new additions to the Peppered Cottons 108" wide category. All the 108s are super for quilt backings (that's 3 yards wide!), for using in patchwork especially when the directions call for cutting long borders, for wholecloth quilts, and for garment making.

Blue Bell

The new colors are some of my absolute favorites. The timeless blue chambray called Bluebell (#17X  ) looks just like the classic men's American workshirt. It blends with any blue color scheme. Guys will like it because it seems somehow familiar.

Blue Jay

Then there's the straight-on strong medium blue called Blue Jay (#41X). This shade has been a best-seller since the first edition of Peppered Cottons. 


Tweed (#37X) is an equal blend of white and black threads so it's a texture-y gray and looks really great combined with bright colors as it plays second fiddle beautifully.


Then another classic neutral called Oyster (#35X) is a white with delicate gray hints. This would be a super background for applique and a backing where colored quilting thread would show well. Decorators will also love this for drapes.


Finally the #5 new color is Paprika (#32X). It's a lovely warm mix of red and orange threads and has been a customer favorite since it joined the Peppered Cottons line.

If you'd like to see all the colors of the 108" wide Peppered Cottons, please go here   .


Liz Ree said...

Truly LOVE all Peppered Cottons and these new 108s are awesome!

Pepper Cory said...

Thanks Liz. Let's hope the fabrics come in on time so that folks who made quilt tops during the covid-19 lockdown can get their pieces quilted!

nodakflick said...

They will sell Like crazy! Love the new comirs!

Aida C Jacques said...

Lovely colors! I'd love to have them as soon as they are available so I can get more sashiko done! After this lockdown and making countless face masks, I do intend to put my sewing machine away for awhile and get more hand stitching.

Pepper Cory said...

Thank you all for your comments--much appreciated!

Penny Prichard said...

Love the bluebell. I'm about to start on a wool applique quilt. I think Oyster will be a terrific background and quilt backing. I think the softness of the Peppered Cottons will really compliment the wool.

Pepper Cory said...
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Pepper Cory said...

Hi Penny-had an unsuccessful comment prior! Just a reminder that both the Oyster and Blue Bell are available in the 45" wide Peppered Cottons as well.

Judy said...

I hate piecing backings ... and this is the answer! Love these color additions to the wide backing options.

Anonymous said...

Lucious and perfect for that heirloom quilt you are creating.

Sharon said...

As a longarm quilter my question is this. Is the fabric exactly the same in the 108 as the 44”? I have one coming from a new customer and have no history on how it Quilts up. She isn’t going to prewash it? Should she be concerned about Shrinkage? Thank you