Friday, December 14, 2007

Pie in Your Eye

Last March my sister Mary Frances and I met in Ohio's Amish country and had a great couple of days mooching about the countryside. We both like to visit antique stores, talk, go to quilt shops, talk, and eat in restaurants, where we talk. As we sat down to breakfast one morning in a homey cafe in Berlin (pronounced Burr-lin) we couldn't help but notice the pie menu hanging on the wall. This restaurant was famous for its pies. In Amish country, the food groups are different than on the USDA approved list of foods you should eat. You know the ubiquitous meat-vegetable-breads-fruits pyramid you learned in school? As far as I can tell, the Amish-style food pyramid features meat, gravy, noodles, jellied salads, and pie! Even as we ate our sausage, eggs, and home-made cinnamon buns, we started to drool over the pie board offerings but in a rare show of restraint, we snapped a picture of it!

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