Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Old-n-New Quilt

One of the drawbacks of moving and re-arranging everything in the studio is that I rediscover all my unfinished projects. Some of them I love, like the quilt top called Europa seen at right. I made that beauty for a teaching sample the last time I taught at Quilt Expo in the Netherlands--Spring 2004. Expo class #1 was hand piecing and featured the rounded faceted-looking block I'd named Bride's Brilliant, as in the table side of a brilliant-cut diamond. The other star-like pattern, the sample for class #2 on foundation-piecing, is Light of Lisbon, named after viewing the culet (pointy end) diagram of a Lisbon cut diamond. That one's pieced by machine over paper. Knowing I needed to pack light, I combined both teaching samples in one quilt!
I really do have to finish this one......

1 comment:

antique quilter said...

Stunning quilt, yes I hope you do finish this quilt.
I love quilts that are so graphic and have a secondary design.