Thursday, December 27, 2007

Log Cabin-The Verb Quilt

Sometimes the neatest quilt pattern is also the simplest. Here's one from my collection. Found here in Morehead City, NC, this quilt dates from the 1950s. There used to be a shirt factory here on Bridges Street and when people went home at the end of the day, they were encouraged to pick up around their work stations. Strips and strings of fabric, too small to be useful in shirt manufacture, could be taken home for one's own use. Someone from the Sabiston family of Core Creek (a small community on the inland waterway) worked at the shirt factory and made this quilt.

The pattern is one enormous Log Cabin quilt block, pieced of strips of varying width. My pet name for it is 'Log Cabin-The Verb', as in, "We'll just log-cabin this here square..." Now that's an attitude I can relate to: just start sewing and see what happens!

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antique quilter said...

great quilt...what size is it?
I love letting the quilt decide what it wants to be and when it wants to be finished!