Thursday, January 3, 2008

Getting Ready for Guests

Shelves pre-Robin-what a mess!

Shelves post-Robin-
much better!

Moral: if you can't sort your own junk, ask for help from your friends.

The studio space is really getting spiffed up-new lights, teaching tables, and even the 30+ years' worth library of quilting books is getting organized. My detail-oriented friend Robin Koehler is taking on librarian duties. Robin is a quilt designer in her own right and volunteered before she knew better to help me get the studio straight. I want this space to look its best for the upcoming open house on Tuesday January 15. By open house, I mean a 'drop by and see what it's about' all day event. Casual of course!
The pictures here are revealing--what the book shelves looked like before Robin and again, after she pitched, organized, and labeled everything.

Left to my own devices, all I could have managed is like the cartoon I cut from the Detroit Free Press years ago-sorry I can't credit the artist. Maybe someone out there knows. Pitiful, isn't it?

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kathy said...

Hi Pepper. I have been catching up on through Robin, my friend, and now yours! What a great job she did for you. That's a great pic of her too.