Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bogue Blocks

One of my students from the first class (Friday January 18) at the Studio has checked in! And, oh boy, did she ever do some nice work! Maybe it's her colors (I love orange too-) but Kathie Bogue's handmade patchwork is too pretty not to 'drag and brag' as we call it in this part of North Carolina. The block pictured here is Pineapple and is made the old-fashioned way--sewn by hand over a backing block.

In the afternoon session of that same class, we sewed English Pleated Log Cabin blocks the traditional way. Four small blocks sewn over backings and each strip gets folded ('pleated') back to produce an overall large block with wonderful dimension. Although I'd love to say Kathie learned it all from me, Ms. Bogue is an accomplished artist herself. I'm not surprised to see her work come out beautifully. Kathie's specialty is paper cutting, specifically the art of free-hand cutting (no drawing) of silhouettes or profile portraits. She comes from a whole family of talented scissor artists! Take time to look at her website at and you'll be amazed.

The picture here is Kathie's logo on her website. Just as some people think quilting is a 'lost art', cutting silhouettes also is one of the decorative arts we associate with times gone by. Obviously, both quilters and silhouette artists are alive and kicking!

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