Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Wahoo-the professional sign hanger, Rick Farrell, arrived to get the Quilt Studio's outside sign up on the side of the building. As you can see, the cigar helps to balance the drill etc. as Rick climbs the ladder! After it was up, my friend Mary Frankle snapped Rick (doing the Vanna wave-) and me with a goofy grin.

Then a florist's truck stopped and a delivery guy, eying the sign, said, "The Quilt Studio?" I said, "Yes-" and found myself holding a beautiful pink cycleman! I took the plant inside and set it as the centerpiece for the guestbook for tomorrow's open house. When I opened the envelope, there was no name, but only this lovely sentiment, " Bloom and grow-good luck!" Whoever sent this to me, many thanks. The pretty plant will live a happy life here and that lucious pink and green color scheme is enough to make you wanna design a quilt......

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