Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Open House Over-#1

At ten minutes to 1 yesterday I was in an utter panic. Was the open house for the Quilt Studio going to be a total bomb? Not a soul in sight, deathly quiet...and then tap-tap-tap, the unmistakable sound of high-heeled boots and my friends Sandy and Sara Beth strolled in. Neither one is a quilter but they're always game for a party!

Then it started-sometimes two or three people at a time and occasionally, the whole studio space was standing room only. Total attendance was at least 65 (they signed the guest book-thanks for the suggestion Ellen Sewell!) and a few snuck by without signing. Here's what I learned from the event: don't worry about the cookies. I bought way too many and post-Christmas weight guilt was in full swing. "No, I couldn't possibly etc." However, the Milano cookies (shortbreads glued together with dark chocolate) did all mysteriously disappear. For anyone who needs the visual, try this:
The truth is, folks wanted to see the quilts! And if it's not nailed down, they will unfold it so lots of quilts, formerly sitting neatly on shelves in the storage room, got flashed. It was, simply, a lot of fun.

My last visitor, at ten minutes to 7, was Debbie Fisher, shown here signing a signature triangle. In the upper left is the new Studio logo block and I'll make blocks using the signature patches to commemorate the opening of the Studio. The pattern is Morning Star, Evening Star (from Shirley Liby's older reference book Exploring Four Patch.)

Debbie is a local biz whiz (owns four businesses and counting) but started her empire the old-fashioned way with Mary Kay . Notice the perfect nails, please. Debbie's on car #4 now.

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