Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Saturday Girls

Alda is shy about pictures but her work was super. I photographed her green and peach block from an odd angle-be assured all her seams were straight!

Today was gray and rainy and getting colder-a perfect day to quilt. The Saturday girls got going with handwork blocks and perfected their Pineapple technique by noon. Then we all ran through the rain to Rap's across the street for lunch and talk. Next time I'm getting the Reuben and the home-made chips!

Diane is choosing another strip of orange for her Log Cabin block.

Back at the Studio by 1 pm, they charged on through instruction for the Folded Log Cabin and everybody felt they'd mastered this pattern by the time we took a break at 3:30 and officially knocked off at 4 pm. Some people, like Karen Hart (in the fuchsia sweater) make quilts that match their clothing.

Others, like Ellen Sewell, use a class to get a head start on
Christmas 2008 with red and green blocks.

Seeing as how it's the first day of a three-day weekend, they'll have time to rest up and maybe finish their blocks....or not. I totally understand--I'm due for a date with my "magic chair." That's the one that tips back and when you get the right angle, your body feels weightless. The chair also vibrates and heats up! I plan to cover up with a light quilt, invite a cat up, and drift off in an instant.

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