Friday, January 11, 2008

A Sign of the Times

Rod and I painted this sign for the side of the office building where the Quilt Studio is located. I dithered about this project and eventually remembered my fear of paint dates back to a childhood incident. At about the age of seven, I decided to "help" my Dad paint a canvas Bar-B-Q apron. He distinctly said, "Don't any of you kids come near this thing..." and left the apron to dry between coats. I took up the brush and then splashed red enamel across the whole thing! Knowing I was a dead duck, I scooted upstairs, packed a little bag (who runs away without luggage?) and was high-tailing down the driveway before the deed was discovered...almost. At the end of the driveway I heard Dad's agonized yowl of discovery. Mother, who had been watching me "run away," came out to gently lead me back to the house and my retribution.

When I confessed how nervous I was about painting the studio sign, Rod gently reminded me that it was just paint. Also my Dad's not here to paddle my rear end when I make a mistake--there are some advantages to growing up!

Next Monday morning, if all coats of paint, polyurethane etc. are dry, a professional sign person comes to bolt this beauty to the side of the building. The pro told me he could have done perfect vinyl lettering etc. and all I could murmur was, "Could you just hang the thing?"

Rod says that the sign looks fine considering we're only "talented amateurs."

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Julia, in Virginia said...

Congratulations on making your dream of The Quilt Studio a reality. I won't be there for the grand opening, but will visit sometime this spring when I travel to Greenville to visit daughter Kate.