Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snow and maybe snow again

In eastern North Carolina we've had snow a startling four times this winter! People are moaning about how spring should be around the corner and "...enough already!" The weatherman has even predicted a snow sprinkle for this weekend. My household is not particularly happy about the prospect of cold white stuff.

The last time it happened, Henry Lee (in yellow stripes and white boots) charged out and then stopped dead...snow was cold! He retreated to the porch steps and complained loudly.

Bamboo (in tortoiseshell coat) went outside maybe twice and then spent two days under the light on the dining room table where she got very bored and decided to 'help' me with sashiko.

The ball of perle cotton she beat up has never recovered
and I have simply surrendered it to her.

If the cats have to endure snow again, I am buying a supply of catnip so they can zone out and stay out of my quilting!


Susan M. Bell said...

I have four cats that are always indoors, so don't have to "endure" the snow. The one outside kitty that adopted us a while back hates the stuff. If there's snow on the ground and she decides to follow me out into the yard, she's constantly stopping and holding up a paw...looking at me as if to say "Why are you dragging me out here?" I keep telling her she should just stay on the porch, but she is a tortie as well, and you know how well they listen.

One of my inside cats is also a tortie. Don't you just love that attitude?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we are getting very tired of the cold winter also, here in Arkansas we have two days warm then two or three cold - enough already, my daffoldils have flowers open and I'm ready for the spring temperatures to be here too.

Linda said...

See if you can find the "Mutts" comic from Sunday Feb 22 - my Mango enjoyed it when I showed it to him. He is an in/out cat who HATES the cold and snow---he has told us he wants to move south!!

Pepper Cory said...

Found it! The link is

How true!